Longevity Risk: The Biggest Real Retirement Risk You Haven’t Covered

This isn’t our parents’ or grandparents’ retirement anymore. Just a few decades ago, many retirees enjoyed the full benefits of the “three-legged stool” of retirement provide by guaranteed pension payments, savings, and Social Security. Couple enjoying retirement on a beach

Determining Your Risk Tolerance

Perhaps the most important factor in formulating your investment plan is your risk tolerance; that is, the amount of risk you’re willing to assume in order to achieve your most important objectives. More precisely, your risk tolerance is based on the your financial and emotional ability to withstand negative returns on your investment portfolio.

risk diagram on chalkboard

Are Advisory Fees Tax Deductible?

woman_calculating_taxesIt’s tax season again, and a question we get from a number of clients after receiving their yearend statements is, “Are my investment advisory fees tax deductible?” And the answer is an equivocal, “It depe

The MyRA, the USARF & Cash Balance Plans

The MyRA, the USARF & Cash Balance Plans

New & old concepts to address the retirement savings gap.

Why 2014 May Be a Very Good Year

Why 2014 May Be a Very Good Year

More improvement may be in store for the economy & the stock market.

Making Your Money Work Harder for Retirement

Making Your Money Work Harder for Retirement

Little things you could do that could help you leave work a little sooner.



Little things matter. When planning for retirement, people naturally think about the big things – arranging sufficient income, amassing enough savings, investing so that you don’t outlive your money, managing forms of risk. All of this is essential. Still, there are also little financial adjustments you can make at mid-life that may pay off significantly for you down the road.


Looking Back at 2013

Looking Back at 2013

How good a year was it for the economy? Statistics tell the tale.

How Well Will Your Retirement Income Hold Up?

You’re in your late 50’s, and retirement is no longer a distant speck on the horizon.  Leaving your working days behind, or at least working less, is in your near future.  Whether you plan on semi-retirement or full retirement, you’ll want to make sure that your income will last.

The DCA Way - Dollar Cost Averaging

Dollar cost averaging offers you a way to invest

consistently and a chance to exploit some great buys.

Entering the Yellen Years

A look at the economist newly nominated to lead the Federal Reserve.


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