Longevity Risk: The Biggest Real Retirement Risk You Haven’t Covered

This isn’t our parents’ or grandparents’ retirement anymore. Just a few decades ago, many retirees enjoyed the full benefits of the “three-legged stool” of retirement provide by guaranteed pension payments, savings, and Social Security. Couple enjoying retirement on a beach

Are Advisory Fees Tax Deductible?

woman_calculating_taxesIt’s tax season again, and a question we get from a number of clients after receiving their yearend statements is, “Are my investment advisory fees tax deductible?” And the answer is an equivocal, “It depe

The MyRA, the USARF & Cash Balance Plans

The MyRA, the USARF & Cash Balance Plans

New & old concepts to address the retirement savings gap.

The Value of Investment Income, Part III – Make it Work For You

In our last investment income article we talked about how you might use your newly found income to fund hobbies or other enjoyable pursuits that might also bring you some return or help you improve the value of property you already own.  If you read the first article and skipped tha

The Value of Investment Income: Part II of IV

If our first post on investment income inspired you to think of all the great things you could buy with some extra income, that’s great. If it inspired you to think of the things you could do that might increase your wealth while having a little bit of fun, you’re on the right path.

The Value of Investment Income: Part I of IV

If I were to offer you the option of owning either:

a)      an investment designed purely to grow in value over the course of 30 years, OR
b)      an investment designed to provide you with regular monthly income over those same 30 years…

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