Make your 403(b) , 457(b) or Optional Retirement Plan(ORP) work for you

As a faculty member or non-profit employee, these retirement accounts often make up the majority of your savings. When managed properly, they can provide you with a very comfortable retirement.

Our clients want to make sure they understand their retirement options and that their account is in line with their investment style. Although these plans are similar, different employers offer widely varying plans, with different custodians and different investment options available. Our experience with these plans enables us to help you understand your plan and to offer a sound management solution for your accounts.

When you opened your account, you may have met with a representative from the custodian you chose (e.g. Fidelity, TIAA, ING, etc) to select your investment options. Unfortunately, many 403(b) participants stop there, and never meet with an advisor who can help them construct a portfolio that meets their retirement plans. These first investment options may not meet your needs, and could expose you to higher costs and undue risk, especially if they aren't adjusted regularly.

LFM has years of experience helping professors, teachers, and foundation members increase their knowledge of retirement planning and the different plan options available. We would be happy to show you how we can better diversify your account to make it work for you, both before and during retirement. Conctact us today for an account review.

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