Optimize Your Retirement Income For Life

Building a spending plan is important for living the fullest possible life you can, whether building wealth or making it last in retirement.

Your expenses in retirement may be higher, or they may be lower.

  • Plan for your priorities in retirement.
  • Decrease taxation of income
  • Lower the costs you can, plan for those you can't control.
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Inflation protection is very important for keeping your buying power in retirement.  Work with someone who has strategies for offsetting the effects of inflation

Inflation risk, like many other risks, is unpredictable.

  • Plan using sources of income that will be likely to rise with inflation.
  • On average, inflation decreases purchasing power by about 3.5% each year
  • Diversify income and correlate income with your expenses.
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Social Security Planning

Longevity is a blessing. Ensure that you will be able to enjoy it.

  • Create dependable lifetime income.
  • Minimize risk of loss and risk of exhausting savings.
  • Leave a legacy for loved ones and cherished causes.
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To get the most out of Social Security Retirement Income, you should consider all of the strategies open to you, in light of your overall situation

Myths abound, but SS will be very valuable to most baby boomers.

  • The foundation of retirement income plan
  • Doesn't run out in old age
  • Decisions early on can affect your total benefit by 100's of thousands of dollars.
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