Our Financial Planning Process - A Continuous Cycle

Identify Financial Goals: Knowing your goals, values, and what money means to you is the first priority in the financial planning process. If we are a fit for each other, we can then begin working together.
Gathering Important Information: We will gather, analyze, and review your information to get a full view of your financial life. We will help you see where you are now and where there may be room for improvement.

Infographic explaining our financial planning process, which begins with your goals, discussing solutions, implementing a plan, and monitoring throughout your lifetime.

Monitor and Adjust: Tracking progress is crucial to your success. We monitor your progress, and we provide tools that allow you to monitor your progress as often as you please. In turn these tools also help us stay on the same page with you.
Implement Solutions: You are free to implement our solutions on your own or with our help. Our clients who work with us to implement solutions appreciate the access we provide and our independence to choose solutions without obligation to any company.
Discuss Solutions: We will propose solutions and action steps and discuss what you would like to do. If it's not broken, we wont try to fix it. We will help you improve only where it makes sense..

Our financial planning process is fluid, and some steps will be repeated regularly as we work together long term. Others will be repeated as things change and you shift your focus. The more you participate in this process, the more you will gain from it.

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